Covid - 19

Your health and safety are my absolute top priority.

COVID-19 CLIENT PROTOCOLS AND PROCEDURES - in accordance with the Government of Alberta and Natural Health Practitioners of Canada (NHPC)

Please know that during this time and always, your health and safety is priority. I will be following all public health and regulatory board directives for screening, hand hygiene, environmental cleaning and disinfecting, and the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) to ensure your health and safety while receiving treatment.

A COVID-19 self-assessment/waiver will be required to fill in before your appointment. You can fill it in below.

The following are my procedures and policies.

  • Please wash your hands upon arrival or use hand sanitizer for hand washing.

  • Please bring your own mask. Either cloth or disposable. Masks will be provided if you don’t have one. As per government guidance, if physical distancing can’t be exercised then masks need to be worn. Given the close proximity required during a treatment, you will need to wear a mask. NOTE: if you become uncomfortable wearing your mask while you are face down, you may remove it during that part of the treatment. You must put your mask back on BEFORE you turn over (face up).

  • If you would like water after your appointment please bring your own water bottle.

  • E-transfer payment will be used. Payment by credit card will be available soon. Direct billing is available for most major insurance companies. Please provide me with the information in advance of your appointment.

  • All linens and blankets etc. will be replaced, after each treatment.

  • My treatment room will be fully sanitized. I will do effective environmental cleaning for COVID-19 that requires both cleaning and disinfection of surfaces. I have chosen the most environmentally friendly cleaning and disinfecting products that I can as recommended by the David Suzuki Foundation. I will be using PRE-empt, a hydrogen peroxide based product as my primary disinfectant.

  • I will make sure that I monitor and screen if I have any symptoms prior to attending to your appointment. I will wear a procedure mask and be wearing fresh clothing for each new client.

  • When you arrive at Mountaineers Business Centre please wait outside and text me to let me know that you have arrived. I will come and meet you at the main entrance.